Historical Buildings Recognitions


Dr. Robert Smith and Felix Wong present Mayor David Cook with a plaque for the historic house where the Mayor has his offices.


In 2014, the City of Mansfield recognized a number of historical buildings, and their owners, in a ceremony held at the Museum. Owners were issued metal plaques for their display on or near their historical structures.





Photos by Dave Goodwin (Green Doors Studio)



1401-MHS-dorsey-0008-2x3-web 1401-MHS-father-0009-2x3-web 1401-MHS-plaqs-crocker-0011-2x3-web
1401-MHS-plaqs-anderson-0012-2x3-web 1401-MHS-plaqs-wong-cook-0017-2x3-web  
1401-MHS-plaqs-Farr-cook-0021-2x3-web 1401-MHS-plaqs-wallace-house-0010-2x3-web