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Tarrant County, boasting a population of 6,020 in 1860, was a thriving link of settlements consisting of commercial endeavors, schools, churches and even a partially completed courthouse at the county seat of Fort Worth.

While sympathies and southern ties ran high, session was debated back and forth. Many were of sons of the South, yet most were not slave owners. The 1850 census lists only 65 slaves in Tarrant County. Secession finally won out but the issue of self-determination was the leading cause for area residents, not slavery. One Mansfield resident was quoted as not being for slavery so much as opposing “the disinterested self-righteousness of the Yankee.”

A group of men was organized from Mansfield, Fort Worth and surrounding areas by Thomas O. Moody, a farmer and merchandiser. The men were enrolled into Company K, 7th Regiment, Texas Mounted Volunteers, Sibley’s Brigade, CSA on Oct. 26, 1861. There were 117 men and about 12 were from Mansfield. The unit mustered into confederate service at Camp Pickett, near San Antonio on Nov. 15, 1861. This unit was part of the Western campaign for the New Mexico and Arizona Territory. They fought in the Battle of Galveston and participated in a 2400 mile, eight month march where nearly 600 men out of 2500 died from wounds or sickness and three-fourths of them arrived back in San Antonio on foot.

Approximately 123 veterans from Mansfield served in the war. Some, such as Martin Ballweg, only settled here after the war. About 13 served the USA, the rest served the CSA, with at least one who served on both sides at one time during the war. These other men, who did not join Company K, joined various other groups. Others from the area had joined up at Johnson’s Station, known as Terry’s Trading Post before the arrival of Middleton Tate Johnson, or in Ellis County with Colonel Parsons.

Shortly after the onset of the war there were only 2 men left in Mansfield. Dr. Duff Hodges, being the only doctor between Mountain Creek and Village Creek, was exempt, as well as Ralph Man who stayed behind to run the Mansfield Mill as a Confederate tithe mill to supply the troops. Julian Feild joined the conflict and was assigned as Assistant Quartermaster stationed in Dallas.

War casualties from this area are not confirmed but Mansfield paid a high price. Many families were touched by the war as evidenced by the number who served.

After the war life in Mansfield slowly returned to the hum of a farming community. Soldiers returned to find that the community had suffered hardships, but still persevered. The community began to grow once again with new arrivals- some form the South and some from the North. The mill continued to be a thriving hub of enterprise.


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Mansfield Veterans from the Civil War and Earlier Conflicts


Name & Dates      Branch of Service/Rank Cemetery Remarks
Ackerman, William A. (1846-1927) USA Inf. Co. A., 3rd Batt. Co. F. 2nd Batt. & Cav., Col. C, 4th Batt. Bethesda Served under different names when in cavalry
Alexander, James H. (1827-1909) Co. C, 11th Batt., Ga. Artill./ Major, Asst. Adj. Mansfield  
Angel, Eli W. (1836-1930) Co. B. 19th Tex. Cav. Pleasant Point  
Appleton, J.M. (1831-1905) Co. B, 32nd Tenn. Reg't. John C. Brown's Brig.  Rehoboth  
Appleton, Oliver B. (1844-1926) Co. B, 32nd Tenn. Inf. Pleasant Point  
Arnold, John M. (1826-1882) Co. I, 59th Ala. Inf CSA St. Paul  
Back, Jacob B. 20th Brog. Texas Militia Estes  
Baldwin, William H., M.D.   Oklahoma City  
Ballweg, Martin (1843-1918 Co. C, 35th Wis. Inf. USA Calvary  
Berry, Charles W. Co. K, 2nd Mo. Mtd. Inf, CSA Mansfield Served in Mexican War. Brother of Henrietta Feild.
Boisseau, Richard H. ( - 1866) Co. C, 15th Reg't Tex. Harrison Co., Tex (probably)  
Boswell, William (1834-1906) Co. K, 35th Erg't. Ga. Inf. CSA Mansfield  
Bowlin, Joeseph H. (1842-1922) Co. K, 58th Virg.Inf. CSA Estes  
Bowman, Charles W. (1845-1912) Co. K, Tex. Cav. Green's Brig. Estes  
Bowman, Isaac G. (1820-1907) Co. K, 7th Tex. Cav., CSA/ 2nd Lieutenant Estes Served in Mexican War, Co. H, 1st Ky. Inf. In Civil War was sent to round up deserters. 
Bradford, Edward Cabell (1828-1889) Co. K, 30th Tex. Cav. Mansfield Served primarily in Indian Terr.
Branson, Alford P. (1838-1909) Co. F, 35th Mo.USA & Co. B Dallmeyer's Batt. Mansfield  
Bratton, Thomas (1840-1917) 4th Corp. Mansfield Mtd. Rifle Guards Mansfield Ordance Depot, Trans Miss., Marshall, Tx.Member of UCV R.E. Lee Camp No. 158
Bratton, William (1843-1916) Co. K, 7h Reg't. Tex. Cav./ Privatej Mansfield  
Burnett, Lorenza Dow (1830-1904) Co. K, 7th Reg't. Tex. Cav. Sibley's Brig., CSA Jack Co. Tex  
Burroughs, William J. (1834-1883) Co. H, 11th Tex. Inf. Robert's Reg't. Mansfield  
Butler, Welcome M. (1846-1908) Co. K, 13th Ill. Cav. USA El Reno, Okla (probably)  
Chrisman, Gabriel F. (1832-1904) 3rd Mo. Field Batt. CSA Mansfield  
Coulson, P.M., M.D. Capt. Brown's Co. Tex Vol. Artill. Montvale Sterling Co. Tex.  
Crabb, Jackson (1824-1868) Co. B, 10th Tex. Inf CSA    
Curry, A.D. Co. E, 14th Tex. Reg't. CSA Curry (probably)  
Curry, William H. (1838-1901) Co. I, 14th Tex. Cav., CSA Estes  
Dalton, Jasper Co. D, 9th Tex. Cav. Sim's Reg't   Killed in action Clarksville , Ark 1862
Dalton, Joe Co. D, 9th Tex. Cav. Sim's Reg't   Killed in action, Corinth, Miss. 1862.
Davis, Peter G. 2nd Corp. Tarrant Rifles, co. E, 15th Tex. Cav. Mansfield Family records indicates Parson's Brigade
Doty, Isaac (1837- ) Co. F, 16th Cav. Mdt. CSA Pleasanr Point Enlisted Lebanon, Mo. March 1, 1863
Dukes, A.J. Co. D, Shank's Reg't 12th Mo. Cav. Mansfield  
Ellis, John Pleasant (1841-1929) Co. E, 12th Tex. Cav. Pleasant Point  
Estes, Benjamin (1841-1927) Co. E, 2nd Tex. Cav. Mansfield Records filed with Bearron/Chorn family
Etheridge, Timothy A. Co.. E, 3rd Reg't Ala. Inf. Mansfield  
Field, Julian (1825-1897) Co. C, 15th Tex.Cav. Mt. Hope, San Diego, Calif.  
Field, Julian T. Co. C, 15th Tex. Cav. Oakwood, Ft. Worth, Tex.  
Ferrel, Solomon L. Co. I, 14th Reg't, Tex. Cav Estes  
Fry, William Bartlett (1834-1915)  Co. F, 8th Tex. Cav. Terry's Reg't. Estes  
Gaulden, Robert A. (1829-1911) Co. F, 1st Tenn. Mtd. Inf. & Co. K, 79th Ill. Vol. USA Mansfield  
Gibson, Aaron (1835-1885) Co. K, 7th Tex.Cav./ Private Gibson POW 4/13/1863
Gibson, Andrew J. (1847-1883) Co. C, 15th Tex. Cav. CSA Gibson  
Gibson, Arthur B. (1826-1884) Co. D, 31st Tex. Cav. Hawpe's Reg't. Gibson  
Gibson, Daniel (1831-1862) Co, K, 7th Reg't, 2nd Reg't. Sibley's Brig. Tex. Cav./ Private Gibson Died in service probably at Mesilla, Arizona Terr.
Gibson, James Monroe (1833-1880) Co. D, 31st Tex. Cav. McCord's Frontier Tex. Cav. Montague Co, (probably)  
Gibson, Thomas R. (1839-18630 Co. H, 1st Reg't Yager's Tex. Cav. Gibson Killed in action probably in the Battle of Galveston
Gibson, William B. (1832-1907) Co.K, 7th Reg't, Tex. Cav.; 3rd Reg't., Sibley's Brig. / Prvt. Gibson Captured April 13, 1863 at Camp Bisland, La.
Gill, Robert L. Co. D, Baylor's Reg't. 2nd Batt. Ariz. Brig. Mansfield  
Graves, Richard McConnell (1829-1908) Co. K, 30th Tex. Cav. Britton  
Graves, Thaddeus (1831- 1902) Co.,K, 30th Tex. Cav. Mansfield  
Green, William J. Co. F, 42nd Reg't. Ga. Inf. St. Paul  
Greer, J.T. ( 1843- ) Co. K, 7th Reg't., Tex. Cav.    
Grimsley, Charles A. (1833-1885) Co. E, 15th Tex. Cav. Grimsley  
Grimsley, James H. Mtd. Vol. Tex. Cav. Grimsley  
Grimsley, John (1831-1879) Co. E, 15th Tex. Cav. Grimsley(probably)  
Grow, George W. (1845-1906) Co. F, 151st Ind, Inf. USA Mansfield  
Guest, Joseph Calvin (1827-1907) Co. D, Baird's Reg't. Tex. Cav. Mansfield  
Hackler, Troy J. (1836-1906) Co. B, Col Gause's Ak. Inf.; Trans Miss Dept- Gen. Price Johnson's Station  
Halsell, William Ewing (1833-1921) Co. I, 30th Tex. Cav. Mansfield  
Hamil,George W. (1820-1893) Co. H, 1st Reg't. Yager's Rex. Cav. Gibson POW released at Appromattox Courthouse, 4/11/1865
Hard, John J. Co. B, Griffin's Batt. Tex. Inf. Wyatt's Chapel  
Hart, William Henderson (1829-1868) 3rd Lt. Cedar Hill Cav.; Home Guard & Co. B,10th Tex. Cav. CSA Estes  
Haynie J.B. (1831- ) Co. K, 7th Tex. Cav./ Corporal    Also Co. D, Fronrier Reg't CSA enlisted 12/29/1862 at Red River Station
Hook, S.W.A. (1836-1917) Co. C, 15th Tex. Cav. Mansfield  
Hopson, Peter H. Co. I, 14th Tex. Cav.    
House, M.P. Co. E, 24th Tex,Inf.    
House, Oliver P. (1846-1926) Co. H, 1st Reg't Tex. Cav. Yager's Reg't Mansfield  
House, P.M. (1833-1911) Co. K, 7th Reg't Tex. Cav./ Private Mansfield  
Hubbard, Thomas J. (1841-1913) Co. F, 2nd Robinson's Tenn. Inf. , Walker Legion Mansfield  
Huitt, Thomas Ballard (1837-1909) Co. K, 7th Reg't Tex. Cav Mansfield  
Lamb, James M. (1812-1879) Co. A, 3 State Troops Miss. Cav. Mansfield  
Langford, Nimrod P. Mo. USA   Listed as USA vet living in Mansfield in 1890
Lashley, Elijah Frank (1847-1931) Co. E, 19th Ga. Inf. Rehoboth  
Lawrence, George W, (1843- ) Co. D, 7th N.H. Inf. USA   Living in Mansfield in 1895
Loyd, James Cicero (1837-1922)  No reords found in Nat. Archives Estes  
Lynn, Thomas (c.1841-1861) Co. I, 14th Tex. Cav. Gibson Tuberculosis in CSA
Maybry , John B. (1838-1890) Co. K, 124th Ill. Inf. USA Wyatt's Chapel  
Maclin, Capt. Roberet B. 8th Tex. Field Battery   Died in San Antonio, 1862; son od Sackfield Maclin
Maclin, Major Sackfield Paymaster USA 1849-1861; resigned March 1, 1861; CSA 1861-1865    
Marrs, Azariah K. (1833-1890) Co. H, 20th Tex. Cav. Col. Thomas Coke Bass's Reg't Estes Captured at Honey Springs 7/17/1863; released 1/24/1865
Mathis, John F. (1837-1925) Co. K, 2nd reg't Alabama St. Paul  
Mathis, William A. (1832-1924) Co. B, 8th Ga. Inf. Rehoboth  
May, H.L. (1836-1920) Co. E, 25th Reg't Tex. Cav. Col. Gillespie Walnut Creek  
Moody, E. R. (1845-1876)   Mansfield  
Moody, Richard Epps (1826-c.1870) Co. L< 13th Tenn. Inf.    
Moody, Thomas O. Co. K, 7th Reg't Tex. Cav./ Captain Mansfield  
Muncy, John A. Co. G, 48 th Ill. Inf USA Mansfield  
Oliver, Andrew (1817-1880)   Gibson Enlised 3/18/1864 Buenja Vista, Shelby Co.
Oliver, Pinckney (1821-c. 1884)   Montague Co. Tex.  
Orr, Robret E. (1843- ) Co. F, 12th Tex. Cav. Parson's Reg't. Cav. Company, TST;Transfered to CSA Ellis Co.  
Perry, Napoleon B. (1820-1903) Co. A, 15th Tex. Cav. Estes  
Perryman, Stephen C. Co. B, 4th Ga. Inf. CSA Gibson  
Poe, Henderson (1842-1904) Co. E, 8th Tex. Cav. Johnson's Satation  
Poe, Silas, (1839-1866) Co. I, 14th Tex. Cav Johnson's Station  
Poe, William E. (1836-1862) 8th Tex. Cav. Taylor's Batt. Johnson's Station Killed in action at the Battle on the Nueces River
Poindexter, Thomas L. (1835-1900) Co. F, 17th Tenn. Inf. Manfield probably Family records show both Thomas and Uretha are buried at Mansfield
Pool, Nathan A. (1831-1899) Co. K, 7th North Carolina Inf. Rehoboth  
Reece, William P.  Co. D, 9th Tex. Cav. Sim's Reg't/ Private Miller, Okla.  
Smith,Charles A. (1832-1907)S   Mansfield Family records indicate service, but no records founf
Smith, David (1821-1877) Mansfield Mtd. Rifle Gusrds, 20th Brig. Texas Militia Gibson  
Smith, Joel C. (1841-1916) Co. A, 1st Wisc. Cav. USA Chickasha, Okla.  
Smithee, Hamilton B. (1832-1880)   Gibson No record found, however service is reputed.
Stephens, Lemuel H. Co. K, 30th Tex. Cav. & Ellis Co. 19th Brig. Texas Militia   No record found
Stewart, Hardy M. (1843-1913) Co. I, 27th Reg't Tenn. Inf. Mansfield  
Stiles, James (1842-1862) Co. I, Chism's Reg't Tex.Cav. Mansfield  
Stiles, Richard (1830-1863) Co.I, 14th Reg't Tex. Cav.   Wounded at Battle of Murfreesboro 12/31/1862. Died Nashville 11/15/1863. National Archives show Roll of Honor.
Stiles, Samuel (1837-1913) Co. E, 8th Batt. Taylor's Reg't., Tex. Cav. & Co. K, 19th Tex. Cav. Buford's Reg't Hamilton Co. Tex.  
Stiles, William (1799-1875) 1st Reg't Light Dragoons Mansfield Also fought in the War of 1812
Sumpter, Jehu or John (1830-1900) Co. G, 5th Tenn. USA (probably)    
Teague, Joseph Co. G, 5th Tenn. USA (probably)    
Thompson, John M. (1832-1900) 2nd Co. B, 5th Reg't Tenn. Inf. Gibson  
Turpin, George Van Buren (1834-1895)  Co. H, 11th Tenn. Inf, Robert's Reg't Gibson  
Van Waert, David Co. D, 31st Wisc. Inf., USA Spokane, Wash.  
Walker,James Co. D, 7th Ky. Cav. USA    
Ward, Newton H.(1837-1877) Co. A, Quinn's State Troops , Miss. Inf. Co. A, 7th Miss. Cav. Big Creek, Boyd, Wise Co.  
Wheeler, John Q. Co. A, 19th Tex. Cav. Buford's Reg't Pleasant Point  
Williams, Leroy Guthrie (1827-1922)   Hudson  
Wilson, George W. (1806-1889) Co. F, 6th Tex. Cav. Littlr Bethel, Dallas Co. Veteran of Mexican War
Wilson, William Co. D, Tenn. Cav. Newsom's Reg't. San Angelo (probably)  
Yarbrough, W.B. (1840-1878) Co. A, 13th Tex. Cav.,Capt. Douglas' Co. Tex. Artill. Mansfield  
Yeates, Elijah Wilson (1840-1913) Co. H, 8th Tenn. Inf. W. Oakwood  
Yeates, Thomas B. (1845-1918) Co, K, 8th Reg't Tenn. Inf Mansfield  
York, Edwin W. Co. H, 31st Ill. Inf